• 26.03.2019

      C. Raftopoulos & Co is proud to announce its participation in the "8th Panhellenic Conference" on "Sleep Disorders in Everyday Medicine" taking place on April 5 and April 6 at the Athens War Museum  read more »
    • 18.04.2018

      C. Raftopoulos & Co is proud to announce its participation in the "7th Panhellenic Conference" on "Sleep Disorders in Everyday Medicine" taking place on April 20 and April 21 at the Athens War Museum  read more »

    24-hrs helpline

    Emergency incidents even for oxygen therapy and nebulizer treatment can be dealt at the number:
    Ventilation Support Devices
    Auto CPAP Devices

    S.Box™, Sefam

    Discover the new concept S.Box for personalized connected medicine!

    Through its various means of communication, its connect devices and its mobile application, S.Box includes new data on treatment effectiveness indicators: lifestyle, weight, physical activity, stress, heart rate.
    The SEFAM S.Box Access application allows you to follow your treatment every day, group your sleep parameters with your other health data and even contact your professional health!
    All patient data and its treatment are encrypted, secured and made available to rights holders called Sefam Connect.
    The transmission of these data can be ensured through the application Sefam Access, which communicates via Bluetooth of S.Box but also directly from S.Box via GPRS or WiFi.

    Sefam Access mobile app(for patients)
    • Day-to-Day follow up of treatment efficasy
    • Intergration of other health data from peripheral devices
    • Communication with healthcare professionals
    • Remote control of S.Box
    Sefam Access Pro mobile app (for home care providers)
    • Very close follow up of patient treatment indicators
    • In app patient population management tools
    • Preparation of patient (home) visits
    • Access to SEFAM connect telemonitoring platform
    • Remote settings of S.Box treatment paramenters
    • Communication with the patient


    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions (D x W x H) 245mm x 140mm x 110mm
    Weight 1.4 gr
    Noise 27.5 dBA (P= 10cmH2O)
    Operating Pressure Range 4-20 cmH20
    Wireless Technology Bluetooth
    Power Supply Range    100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Μaximum Power Consumption 75W