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Millions of women across Europe have Sleep Apnoea. It can happen at any age, with or without any other contributing conditions. However, Sleep Apnoea is often linked to health changes during pregnancy and during menopause, and it can be associated with conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, and stroke.

Fatigue, weight gain, history of snoring, morning headaches, excessive sleepiness despite sleeping 7-8 hours, unexplained awakening at night, a sense of being overwhelmed. These are all common symptoms for women to experience when they suffer from Sleep Apnoea. The good news is that effective sleep therapy is available and there are unique solutions created especially for women, such as Swift FX for Her, Swift FX Bella & Mirage FX for Her.

Women are different from men!

And the women of ResMed who contribute to making products for OSA treatment know that. Their motivation is to eliminate the need for women to use products designed for men and to provide women with increasingly appealing options in their CPAP treatment.

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