AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask, ResMed

AirFit N30i nasal mask from ResMed is a CPAP mask that discreetly fits into your lifestyle so you can easily adjust to therapy. Lightest mask ever features a soft, under-the-nose nasal cradle cushion and top-of-the-head tube design gives the user the freedom to sleep in any position.

  • The Headgear “Top-of-the-head” tube design gives patients the freedom to sleep in any position.
  • Curved nasal cradle cushion provides a comfortable seal giving confidence for the user to stay on treatment for a longer time.
  • SpringFit frame allows for fast and accurate fitting with only one Velcro adjustment.
  • Fewest parts amongst tube-up masks for easy cleaning and maintaining of the mask.

Freedom on CPAP therapy

The AirFit N30i nasal CPAP mask is an ultra-small and quite mask designed for comfort and easy to use, with under- nose- cushion that promises the best sealing with significantly less attaching parts. An incredibly soft cushion that was designed to reduce nostril irritation while comfortably cradling under your nose in combination with the top-of-the-head headgear is an excellent solution for active users.

Exhalation Valve and Quite operation

AirFit N30i Nasal mask features the double exhalation valve that promises outstanding low exhalation noise and smooth diffusion of the air for sensitive bed partner.