Astral™100 & Astral™150, ResMed

ResMed introduces the Astral 100 (single-circuit system) and Astral 150 (double-circuit system), the brand new portable life support ventilators designed to offer greater freedom and confident care to paediatric and adult patients with acute and chronic respiratory problems.

The Astral 100 & Astral 150 can be used non invasively or invasively with a mask or tracheostomy and offers excellent leak compensation.

Mobility in its most practical sense requires balance between battery run-time and the weight and portability of the ventilator. At 3,2Kg with an 8 -hour internal battery, Astral has class-leading power in relation to weight for ultimate mobility.

Moreover the combination of internal and the 2 external batteries provides up to 24-hours run-time which makes day to day activities far easier.

The Astral 100 features a range of treatment options, including eight customizable  breathing modes to ensure that the patient receives optimal treatment for all specific respiratory requirements.

On the other hand, easy servicing has been built into the Astral. The pneumatic block can be quickly and seamlessly swapped during an in-field service or at the service center, reducing downtime for the device and improving cost efficiencies.