ClimateLine tubing (Θερμαινόμενος Σωλήνας), ResMed

ClimateLine™ & Climate Control
The combination of S9, H5i and ClimateLine tubing is known as ClimateControl. ClimateControl is unique to ResMed and was designed to fully automate and simplify the setup and delivery of humidification. For the first time, humidification is provided at the precise temperature your patients demand for optimum comfort and compliance. When selected to “auto”, five sensors, including one close to the mask, monitor changes in ambient conditions and the delivered air to provide the best temperature and humidification.
How is this possible? For the first time, as ambient conditions or pressure change, ClimateControl automatically adjusts to maintain absolute humidity. For the first time, delivery of humidification using the measured (and not estimated) temperature at the mask eliminates rainout regardless of the temperature settings preferred by the patient.
What’s more, setting up and using ClimateControl could not be quicker. Connect the ClimateLine tubing to the H5i, set the most comfortable temperature on the S9 and ClimateControl automatically does the rest. Like AutoSet before it, ClimateControl redefines ease of use.