G3 B25VT/B30VT BiPAP ST, BMC Medical

G3 B25VT/30VT is a new quite BiLevel machine with back-up rate (ST mode) and target tidal volume feature for patients with respiratory insufficiency.  With ultra modern design and a user friendly interface, this intelligent device ensures that the patient reaches the minimum respiratory rate set if he doesn’t breath spontaneously.

Integrated heated tubing with Auto Humidity Control allows the maximum moisture for the patient without causing rain-out while new features and settings make his sleep therapy more comfortable and convenient.

Various ways of Sleep Report review which includes Respiration Data Management Cloud Platform with iCode web version, sd card and Quick Report through Device screen ensures a continuous  interaction with the physician, thus a successful sleep therapy.

Target Tidal Volume Function:

Optimize IPAP according to mean Vt of last 5 breathing and prescribed Target Vt larger difference between mean Vt and target Vt takes a more evident adjustment in IPAP.

The innovative PUSH water chamber is simple to use

water can be added without removing the water chamber for ease of use.

Humanised UI Design:

more visualised display and more humanised interaction, innovative screen and accessories reminder function.


The G3 series has a pre-heat feature to warm your humidifier water up for more ultimate comfort during cold, dry weather. Integrated heated tube with Auto Humidity Control Allows G3 maximum moisture while ensuring rainout in the tubing is not an issue.

Technical specifications

  • Pressure Level : 4-25 cmH20
  • Modes : CPAP, Spontaneous (S), T, ST
  • Data Transfer : SD card, Cellular Module (optional), WiFi (optional), iCode/iCode QR
  • Integrated humidifier : Yes
  • Heated Humidifier Water capacity : 360 mL
  • Humidifier Settings : Off, 1-5, Auto
  • Weight : 1.7 Kgr
  • Dimensions (L x W xH) : 265mm x 145mm x 114mm)
  • Noise level : 26dB at setting 10cmH20

Brochure BPAP Series G3