M1 mini Auto CPAP, BMC Medical

M1 Mini, modern minimalist design, redefined “mini”
smaller in dimension, lighter in weight, be portable and convenient, suitable to various usage scenarios.

Unique design in appearance, providing a whole new feeling
Through the top colorful ring light strip it feeds back you a different interaction experience. Four rubber anti-slip strips at the bottom can effectively prevent slip.

Modern style and no screen, tottally new operation design.
You can turn on/off and adjust parameters through LightTrip App remotely, by the APP also can achieve the upgrade of software and firmware, moreover you can check your report at any time. BMC Mini can be downloaded in any app store.

No humidifier, simple and secure.
Moisture exchange replaces the traditional humidifier, avoiding the complicate process of adding water, make it easier in using.

Smart A/C function, make Mini much suitable for you.
According to the recent using condition it makes dynamic summary analysis to adjust treatment pressure automatically and intelligently, being trully “family cares”.

The optimized pressure adjusting sensitivity cares about you more.
Providinbg Standard/ Soft / Female, the three levels, for users in different sensitivity.

Remote service at any time (Professional) . 
The usage data can be uploaded to BMCcloud platform automatically, were BMC professionals can provide online service to help remotely, free from the inconvenience of going out.

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