Onyx3 9591

Meet Nonin’s new Onyx3 Finger Pulse Oximeter; now including respiratory rate. You can trust Nonin Medical’s Onyx3 using PureSAT® technology to quickly and accurately capture SpO2, pulse rate, and respiratory rate measurements — even on patients where low perfusion is a challenge. Reliability matters, and Onyx3 provides accurate data for actionable decision making

Multicolor LCD – SpO2, pulse rate, and respiration rate display
Wireless BLE connectivity
Quickly and accurately accommodates fingers
2,000 spot checks before battery replacement

Nonin Onyx3 Product Highlights:

• Clinician-facing, easy-to-read multicolor display.

• Wireless patient data at the tip of your finger.

• Nonin CorrectCheck– Gives feedback when the finger is not placed properly in the device.

• Automatically adjusts to each patient from pediatric to adult.

• Automatically turns on and off – Just insert digit for fast and easy spot checks.

• Portable – Take the Onyx3 anywhere — weighing only two ounces

• Signal Quality Inidcator provides a quick assessment of patient pulse quality.