2500 & 2500A PalmSAT

Proven Performance in Real World Applications.

PalmSAT- the next generation in handheld pulse oximetry- is a small, yet versatile digital pulse oximeter designed to accurately assess oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The compact size, ease of operation and flexible design make this an ideal unit for your portable monitoring needs-regardless of the patient’s location. NONIN has combined advanced technology and algorithms based on years of invaluable clinical experience to provide a wide range of functions.

The functionality of the PalmSat 2500 also makes it useful for an array of medical locations and applications including Hospitals, Physician’s Offices, Clinics, Emergency Services, Transport & Sleep Studies. Many options allow you to customize the PalmSat 2500 to meet your application needs. Choose from an array of Nonin disposable and reusable sensors, power options, software, and a tailored carrying case. The 2500A version has additionally alarms for low oxygen saturation and low battery life.

(2500 PALMSAT) Brochure