Embla N7000, Embla

Versatile, Advanced and Superior PSG amplifier.
The Embla N7000 Recording System is a result of over a decade of experience in the field of sleep medicine. The system offers a high degree of flexibility and impeccable signal quality to meet the demanding needs of clinical work and research.
The N7000 recorder is indispensable in a wide range of settings and represents the integration
of advanced digital technology and precision engineering into an ergonomically designed PSG and EEG system.


32 x Referential channels ( EEG, EOG)
8  x bipolar channels ( EKG, EMG)
11 x Auxiliary channel inputs
1  x Event channel
8  x DC channels

Derived Trackings

Flow( Nasal cannula) XFlow
Snore ( Nasal cannula) XSum
Flow limitation/ Flattening(Nasal cannula) Tidal Volume
Heart Rate    ( EKG) Respiratory Rate
R-R Intervals ( EKG) RMI

N700 Brochure