Embla S4500, Embla

Durable, Reliable, and Easy-to-Use PSG Amplifier.
The Embla S4500 PSG Amplifier has been specifically designed to meet AASM accreditation requirements and features a simplified design that includes a color-coded input panel with the patient layout. This streamlined dual component system minimizes cabling and increases study reliability.

Technical Specifications:


8 x  EEG                                1  x   Snore
2 x  EOG                                1  x   Body Position
3 x  EMG                               2  x   Respiratory Effort
1 x  EKG                                1  x  Pressure Transducer
2 x  General Purpose          1  x  Oximeter
1 x  Thermistor                     8  x  Isolated DC Channels

Derived Tracings

Flow   ( Nasal cannula)Heart Rate ( EKG)
Snore ( Nasal cannula)XFlow
Flow limitation/ Flattening( Nasal cannula)XSum
R-R Intervals ( EKG)Tidal Volume
SPO2 AverageRespiratory Rate
SPO2 Beat-to- BeatRMI
Pulse RateXactTrace belts
Pulse Waveform