Embla Titanium, Embla

Portable, Wireless-Ready 34 Channel PSG Amplifier
The Embla titanium is a state of the art, wireless-ready PSG diagnostic amplifier with an
the integrated LCD screen for signal display, impedance checking, and patient data entry.
The compact size of the hand-held 34 channel titanium makes it ideal for wireless and online real-time recording plus offline recording to the built-in flash memory card. The flexibility of the titanium amplifier makes it the ideal choice for recordings in the home, hospital or sleep clinic.


12 x  Referential AC Channels ( EEG, EOG)
12 x  Bipolar channels ( EKG, EMG) can be converted to referential channels
2   x  Pressure channels ( Nasal pressure, Differential Pressure)
3   x  Oximeter ( Plethysmogram, SpO2, Heart rate)
1   x  Body position
2   x  Respiratory Effort Channels
2   x Non-isolated DC inputs