Comprehensive Portable Polysomnography

Embletta w/X100 proxy integrates the advanced technology and precision
engineering of Embletta with a flexible and innovative proxy. The Embletta X100 system offers the ability to record four ‘’ExG’’ channels in five study configurations, a well as, the traditional respiratory channels. The X100 proxy
together with the new, increased memory Embletta and Embla software provides the flexibility needed to diagnose sleep disorders in sleep clinics, hospitals, and home environments. It is always used with single-use belts.


128 MB Memory
Up to 24 hours of recording time
Sleep staging
Complete event scoring
Customizable Sleep Reports
Optional online interface capability for attended, online studies
Optional auto set CPAP interface capability


Recorded Channels  Sleep  Sleep EEG Sleep EKG Sleep PLM Sleep Cardio
EEG x 1 X X X X
EEG x 2 X
EOG x 1 X X X X
EOG x 2 X
EMG – Chin X X X X
EMG – Tib X
EKG   x 1 X
EKG   x 2 X
Abdominal X X X X X
Thoracic X X X X X
Nasal/Mask Pressure X X X X X
Pulse X X X X X
SPO2 Beat to Beat X X X X X
Plethysmography X X X X X
Snore X X X X X
Position X X X X X
Activity X X X X X
Battery status X X X X X
Online interface O O O O O
CPAP interface O O O O O


O: optional