Embletta Gold, Embla

The Embletta Gold is the latest addition to Embla’ s Portable
Diagnostic family and offers enhanced flexibility and ease of use in one compact and streamlined device. Designed for durability, the Embletta
Gold will withstand the demands of both the clinical and home testing environment while maintaining its impeccable record for the high quality
and high performance that sleep professionals worldwide have come to rely on.


Recorded ChannelsDiagnosticCPAPAutoset
Flow Pressure(nasal cannula)Χ
Mask PressureX
XFlow (by XactTrace RIP belts)XX
Snore (nasal cannula)XXX
Differential pressureXXX
Abdominal movement (με XactTrace belts)XXX
Thoracic movement    (με XactTrace belts)XXX
SpO2, average (oximeter)XXX
SpO2 beat to beat (oximeter)XXX
Pulse rate  (oximeter)XXX
Pulse waveform (oximeter)XXX
Body positionXXX
Event MarkerXXX
Auxiliary DC Input (0-1 volt)XXX
Autoset Interfaceo

o : optional